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With version .9 and greater you can create you own custom home page and replace the default map.

Just log in as Admin, create a page call it "Home" and use the built in editor to create whatever you would like for content. Once you are done, save it. Now when someone enters the CAD your new Home page will be displayed instead of the Map. This feature works on all themes.

If you want to add plug-ins to your new Home page, just include the plugin into a iFrame. you will have to switch to Source mode in the editor to do this. Below is the syntax of a iframe plugin.

<iframe id="center_plg" frameborder="0" height="200" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="auto" src="top10.php" vspace="1" width="100%">

Just replace top10.php with the desired plugin and height to whatever works for you.

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1174 leroytaylor
1214 NH003

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