National Incident Alerts
Active Incidents

A/H or AHW or A/H/W  All Hands Working

A/R  Armed Robbery

ACW  All Companies Working

ADW  Assault w/ Deadly Weapon

AKA  Also Known As

APT  Apartment

ASAP  As Soon As Possible

BAC  Blood Alcohol Concentration

BC  Battalion Chief

BOLO  Be On The Lookout

BRK  Brick Structure

CBS  Concrete Block Structure

CCW  Carrying Concealed Weapon

CD  Center Divider

CMD  Command/Incident Commander

CO  Commanding Officer

Comm  Commercial Structure

CP  Command Post

CSF  Commercial Structure Fire

DC  Deputy Chief

DEP  Dept of Environmental Protection

DES  Dept of Environmental Services

DIST  District

DIV  Division

DL  Drivers License

DOA  Dead On Arrival/Deceased

DOS  Dead On Scene/Deceased

DPLX  Duplex (2 Family Dwelling)

DTF  Drug Task Force

DUI  Driving Under The Influence

DV  Domestic Violence

Dwell  Dwelling

DWH  Doubtful Will Hold

DWI  Driving While Intoxicated

EB  East-Bound

EDP  Emotionally Disturbed Person

EMS  Emergency Medical Services

ENG  Engine Company

ETA  Estimated Time of Arrival

EXP  Exposure

EXT  Extension

F/I  Fully Involved

FAST Firefighter Assist & Search Team

FD  Fire Department

FF  Firefighter

FFS  Forest Fire Service

FIU  Fire Investigation Unit

FLR  Floor

G/A  General Alarm

GOA  Gone On Arrival

GSW  Gun Shot Wound

HELO  Helicopter

HOSP  Hospital

IC  Incident Command(er)

IND  Industrial

INDS  Industrial

INJ  Injury

Jaws  Jaws Of Life

K9  Canine Unit

LHS  Left Hand Shoulder

LODD  Line Of Duty Death

LS or L/S Lines Stetched

LSO or L/S/O Lines Stretched in Operation

LZ  Landing Zone

M/A  Mutual-Aid

MATL  Material

MCI  Mass Casualty Incident

ME  Medical Examiner

MFD  Multi-Family Dwelling

MH  Mobile Home

MSU  Mask Service Unit

MVA  Motor Vehicle Accident

NB  North-Bound

NFD  No Further Info/Details

NFI  No Further Info/Details

O/S  On Scene

O/T  Over-Turned

OCC  Occupied

OIC  Officer In Charge

OIS  Officer Involved Shooting

OMD  Occupied Multiple Dwelling

O/S  On Scene

Perp  Perpetrator

P/I  Personal Injury

PIO  Public Information Officer

PU  Pick-up Truck

R/A  Rescue Ambulance

RHS  Right Hand Shoulder

RIT  Rapid Intervention Team

R/O  Roll-Over

RP  Reporting Party

RSF  Residential Structure Fire

SB  South-Bound

S/C  Special Call

S/T  Strike Team

SAR  Search & Rescue

SCHL  School

SFD  Single Family Dwelling

SO  Sheriffs Office/Department

SP  State Police

SQD  Squad

SSC  Strip Shopping Center

STA  Station

STT  Story

SUBJ  Subject

SUSP  Suspect

T/F  Task Force

TC  Traffic Collision

U/C  Under Control

USBP  U.S. Border Patrol

USCG  U.S. Coast Guard

UTL  Unable To Locate

VAC  Vacant

VEG  Vegetation/Brush/Grass Fire

VEH  Vehicle

VIC  Victim

WB  West-Bound

W/I  Well Involved

WC  Watch Commander

WF  Working Fire

WHSE Warehouse

WIT Witness

Y/O  Year Old


M-Male  F-Female  A-Adult   J-Jennilee

use codes above for insertion of race into a call  examples...

BMA-Black Male Adult  

AFJ-Hispanic Female Juvenile 

WMJ-White Male Juvenile 

AFA-Asian Female Adult


Incident Management & Alert Systems
Units out of Service
Value Responder ID
132 NIM02
1199 NIA07
1174 leroytaylor
1249 jheckman
1214 NH003
1402 Chuck16
1403 ejmandigo

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