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The National Incident Map is an educational tool developed by Harbor Development Group, Inc. The project was started as an exercise in the feasibility of combining the Goggle Map API and the Tweeter API. We choose to plot Fire, Crime, Earthquakes and Amber Alerts as it is a personal interest to us. It also appears to be the interest of many, and on requesting permission to us the peoples Tweets, the overwhelming response was yes. Thus the National Incident Map was born.

You must understand that the data plotted here is only as accurate as the Tweet we receive and because of the potential sensitivity of the near real time data, we only plot to the city level.

As a courtesy to our Tweeters, you are allowed to embed our map into your web site or blog. Request for features can be emailed to us.

If you would like to be added to the map, just make sure the Tweets you want plotted contain the city and state of the incident and email us you screen name and we will add you within 24 hours.

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